5 Tips for Reconnecting With Your Spouse or Partner

Tuesday, March 15, 2016
I fondly recall the days when my husband and I would come home from work and head out to dinner. You know, to a restaurant of our choosing, with food that we like and requires silver wear. We would linger over a pre-dinner cocktail, a long, leisurely dinner, and dessert and coffee.

These days, our lives are much different. We definitely don't share the quality time together that we once did, with work and the kids often taking top priority. With such hectic lives, it’s easy to lose focus on each other. So lately, I’ve been asking myself what the best ways to reignite the spark are.
I’ve come up with these five ways you can reconnect. You’ll even be able to squeeze them in if you have a hectic work schedule.

Plan a weekend away
A weekend away is a great way to not only reconnect but to recharge as well. A mini escape from kids, the house, and other responsibilities always does the trick for me. If you are both super busy or just can't spare an entire weekend due to other commitments, book a Saturday night in a luxurious local hotel. Many resorts and hotels will offer special getaway rates. Check out Groupon or Living Social or directly on the hotel websites for any special deals and discounts.

Cook together
If you don’t have time for an entire weekend away together, find a couple of hours in the evening to cook a meal as a couple. When our children were younger, Henry and I would put them to bed and then head into the kitchen to make a dish we both loved. We'd mix up a delicious cocktail and enjoy it while we cooked together. Taking the time to cook some food together helped strengthen our bond, and and we had some laughs while we were doing it!

Surprise him/her with a special gift
I don't like surprises of any sort. But when my husband comes home with a bouquet of fresh flowers or a Diptyque candle (my faves!), I love it. It's completely unexpected, and there's no expectation to return the favor. No matter how small the gifts are, it’s the thought that counts, so gifts can be as tiny as trinkets and love notes.

Have a date night
It’s always good to have a night for just the two of you. Use it as a chance to catch up with each other to see how things are at work or to plan another date night or getaway. Away from the kids, you’ll find loads to chat about! Whether you decide to book a table at an exclusive restaurant or catch the latest blockbuster release – or even just hang out at home on the sofa in front of the TV, the quality time offers you both a chance to focus on only each other.

Breakfast in bed
Don't reserve breakfast in bed for Valentine’s Day or special occasions such as birthdays. There’s no reason you can’t do it just because. When you have a quiet morning planned, prepare an indulgent breakfast and take it up to your partner. There’s nothing quite as relaxing and intimate as enjoying breakfast in bed together! Best kept for the weekend. the longer you can linger with your breakfast, the better.

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