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Friday, September 15, 2017

After a weekend away in Brooklyn last weekend and a busy week full of back-to-school nights, we are staying put this weekend. I've quickly learned that having two daughters (one a teen and the other a tween) means they have a jam packed social calendar on the weekends, and I dare not mess with it. ;-)

The Hubs and I have gotten adept at planning around them, but sometimes our plans just don't work out due to playing the part of their personal chauffeurs. Here's what's happening this weekend.

I know I've written about this before, but it's just too good not to share again. Every Sunday Dark City Brewing Company in Asbury Park hosts a yoga and beer combo. Kick start your Sunday with an hour long yoga session with instructor Stevie Leah followed by a 4-flight of beers and a brewery tour. Price is $13 (or $5 if you opt out of the beer). Event takes place from 10:30 am - 12 pm. Namaste!

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This weekend is the Festival of the Sea, held every September in Point Pleasant Beach. What started as an end of summer gathering for locals has turned into an event that draws crowds from all over New Jersey. The festival is held in downtown Point Pleasant Beach where Arnold Avenue and Bay Avenue meet. It features local restaurants and vendors offering crab cakes, lobster, soups and bisques, paella, and other seafood items. For more info, see here.

After having added it to my "To Watch" list on Netflix months ago, I finally started watching The Crown. It chronicles the life of Queen Elizabeth II from just years before she took the throne at the age of 25 to present day. It is utterly intriguing. We get a glimpse into her personal relationships as well as personal and political rivalries, scandals, and romances that have plagued the British monarchy. She has remained very popular with the people, and this mini-series delves into how and why she has become so widely liked by a country of people who are not likely to wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Knowing how to speak a foreign language is one of the best skills a person can have. If nothing else, it certainly gives you more confidence when traveling. But if you don't want to invest the money on Rosetta Stone or private lessons, you can download the duolingo app (or if you prefer, create an account online and learn there). You can choose from several different languages, learn at your own pace, and did I mention, it's free! FREE!

Somewhere along the way, I stopped having house plants. I can't exactly pinpoint when it happened, but it did. I recently realized how much I miss having greenery in my home. However, our cat Sam is notorious for chewing on plants and flowers, so I have to keep plants in hanging planters. When I found this gold dipped planter DIY, I thought it was so cute (and looked super easy to do, which, BTW, is right up my alley!).
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So, tell me. What do you have planned this weekend?

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