3 Small Changes That Make A Big Impact On Your Home's Interior

Wednesday, September 13, 2017
When you really want to make a change to your home, but can’t face stripping it bare and starting from the ground floor, don’t panic. There are several ways you can make a room look completely different without having to change everything all at once. You might just want a small change for a new season, or maybe just a quick refresh of the current room. Here are three key things you can do when you have neither the time nor the budget for full renovation.

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1. Rearrange The Furniture
I am notorious for rearranging my office furniture every few weeks. Moving the furniture into a different position is quick, easy and costs nothing, other than the time your spend doing it. Of course, you might choose to replace one or two pieces while you are in the process! Here are the three benefits that moving the furniture can bring:
  • It changes your outlook from the room. A new view might be all the change you need. If you need more light to sit and read, then moving the lamp, or pushing the chair toward the window is a quick solution.
  • Moving the furniture might offer you more space in the room for the kids to play, or for additional furniture.
  • Rearranging the furniture can also change the focus in the room. Instead of pointing the furniture at the TV, try a more social setting where the seats face each other. As winter approaches, you might like to turn the seating toward the fireplace for warmth.

2. Change The Flooring
By completely changing the flooring, you can change the color of the room, the temperature in the room, and even the overall vibe of the room. Best of all, flooring is usually installed by a pro, so there is next to no work on your part. Change your flooring to enjoy these benefits:

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  • By changing from hardwood to carpet, you can dramatically reduce the level of noise in the room. Footsteps become silent, and the acoustics in the room are dramatically dampened.
  • Carpets, as with wood and tile, come in an enormous array of colors. Visit a local flooring store to see if a pattern might suit the room? If you’ve always had a single color tile or wood, this could change the look of the room considerably.
  • When you change the flooring, you are also changing the temperature in the room. Carpets retain warmth and can reduce that feeling of cold air along the floor. Hardwood and tile make the space feel cooler. Ultimately, it’s about your comfort.
3. Change Wall Color
Painting one or more of the walls a bolder, fresher color can dramatically change the look of the room. I was amazed last summer when my sister and I removed the wallpaper in two of our bathrooms and repainted. The difference that fresh paint in a pleasing color made was incredible. But it can do even more than that. For just a few dollars and an afternoon of painting, you can take advantage of all these benefits:

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  • A new color means a new mood. Brighter colors feel more energetic, and soft pastels feel relaxing.
  • A focus wall can make the room feel like a different size and shape too.
  • Painting gives you that fresh new feeling you’re looking for.
How will you change your room?

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