Tips For Hosting A Successful (and Fun!) Party

Wednesday, September 20, 2017
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Whether this is going to be your first official gathering or you’ve had so many you’ve lost count, it’s never too late to try to impress your friends all over again. Over the years we've hosted guests for everything from a small gathering for happy hour to 30+ guests to celebrate a special occasion. I've learned a thing or two about how to entertain so your guests feel special and welcomed in your home. Here are a few tips hat are sure to impress your guests at your next gathering!

Fresh Towels
Having fresh towels in both the kitchen and the bathroom is important to guests. I always have disposable hand towels on the vanity for guests since nothing is more unappealing than wiping your hands on an already wet towel. If you’re having a gathering, have a stack of fresh and fluffy hand     towels in the bathroom and remember to replenish as the party wears on. Or offer your guests disposable hand towels that can be thrown away after each use.

A Cozy Entertainment Area
Creating a cozy entertainment area sets the stage for any get together. Choose a central location in your home. it can be the living room, the kitchen, or even an outdoor space such as a patio or a deck. Whatever spot you decide on, make sure it is filled with the right mix of excitement and homeyness to make it work. Music and lighting are both important aspects. The lighting will set the mood, as will the music, so make sure they are both just right for the occasion. A place to rest drinks and plates is also crucial, as your guests won’t want to be holding them all night. Creating an entertainment area outdoors can be seriously impressive if you select the right lighting and furniture! Giving your friends a blanket when it gets a bit cooler will also go a long way.

An Attractive Dining Area
If you are hosting a dinner party or a sit down meal, make sure you go out of your way to create an attractive dining space for your guests. Ideally, it will be one of the most luxurious spaces in the house. This means comfortable seating and tables, a great lay out, no pets, and the right lighting for eating food. An eye catching tablescape and a stellar meal will make your guests feel like they are dining at a 5-star restaurant. Make sure you entice all of the senses too; ensuring a great smelling room is key to making your guests enjoy their time.

A Beverage Cooler
I've found that there's nothing more awkward than having guests have to ask for a drink. You want to give your guests the freedom to grab and pour their own beverages at their convenience. Set up a cooler with ice and a bar area where your guests can easily serve themselves. There's no need for you to play host and bartender all night. Imagine how impressed your friends will be when you pull out their favorite drink from your under cabinet wine cooler! This is a great addition to any home and you’ll be glad you included it.

Great Music
They key to any good party is great music. I spend hours creating custom playlists for our parties. A great music system or speaker will ensure that no matter where in your home your guests are gathering, they will be able to hear the music. You don’t want one room to be silent and other rooms to be bouncing with energy. Make sure you have speakers in each relevant room, so that moving from place to place is seamless for guests and the atmosphere never waivers! And keep your music light and upbeat!

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