3 Educational Activity Ideas For The Whole Family

Saturday, September 2, 2017
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Now that summer is winding down and the beach days are coming to an end, it's time to start thinking of ways to keep the kids entertained indoors during the winter months. When most parents think of something to do with their children, they tend to focus on playful activities that keep them busy and, more importantly, quiet for a few hours. A favorite of mine is baking with my daughters. While you need to focus on simple recipes, it is a great way to bond over food. It allows children some play (playing with dough), some creativity (decorating a cake or cupcakes) and even some education (adding measurements). While baking is fun, it can also become rather boring after a while. You don’t learn anything new, and your kids will quickly pick up the basics of making cookies or a cake. 

So how about picking something that helps you both grow, something educational for a change? Learning can be fun especially when you are doing it together. I'm not talking about you teaching your children. You both learn something new together.

1. Learn more about the living creatures
It’s a big world we live in. And it’s full of mysteries and amazing creatures that you’ve barely heard of. Why not dive into the mysteries of living creatures and organize a day out to your local aquarium or zoo? If you live in or plan to visit one of the cities where it's available, SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium offers amazing features to find out more about the aquatic world and even interact with animals. From taking selfies with snakes to feeding toucans, you can learn about nature and its creatures. In the end, you might find yourself wanting to protect the animals more, through charity actions or maybe by joining a cause directly.

2. What creativity tells you about yourself
When was the last time you sat down and took some time to foster your own creativity? That’s exactly what Galadriel Watson has been doing, and she rapidly discovered that creativity was an internal force to relax, to be satisfied with her life, and to help her kids to understand what me time is about. Being creative doesn’t have to be your secret hobby? You can start painting and encourage children to create with you. For Galadriel, it was a blank sketchbook from the Brooklyn Art Library that started her creative journey. But you can pick what suits you. What matters is to show your kids that being creative is good for the soul and can help them unwind after a long day at school.

3. Visit new places and discover their culture
Other than spending quality time with your children, this is one of the greatest gifts you can give your children. Children often lack a sense of the world around them. It's our job to teach them. Traveling is one way to accomplish that. Taking your children to places they've never been will open their eyes to new countries and cultures.

On a smaller scale, when you’re on the road, why not stop and visit the next town? You could find out what their oldest building is, or if they support local artisans? Was someone famous born there? What can this town teach you about being alive? It doesn’t take much to discover new ideas and new ways of doing. But they can change your life and make you rethink old situations. Educating your kids to be open-minded and accepting is one of the most important gifts you can offer them.

New creatures, new creations, new cultures. There is so much to learn and to appreciate when you’re discovering the world with your eyes wide open. Don’t miss out on the potential of discovering something new!

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