Tips For Keeping Your Home Running Smoothly

Saturday, September 16, 2017

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It's so important to make sure everything in your home is working as it should. What may start out as a barely visible crack in the wall, can amount to an even bigger crack that pours out dirty rain water and causes your basement to be infested with mold. We had a small leak in our dining room ceiling a few years ago that we casually ignored. It eventually became a larger leak which resulted in ripping out the dining room ceiling, replacing the sheetrock, and repainting the entire room. You've got better things to do than deal with home repairs that could have been avoided.

Here's how to regularly inspect your home and what to look for:

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If you've spotted a crack in your wall, ceiling or floors - even if it's tiny - keep an eye on it. You can do this by sticking a little masking tape on either end of it and write the date on it. Go back in a few days, weeks or even months to see if it has grown any bigger. If it hasn't changed, there is most likely nothing to worry about as small cracks are normal because your house weighs and the foundation gives a little over time. If it has got bigger though, you will need to call in a service to deal with the situation as soon as possible before it gets any worse.

The AC
No one wants to have a broken air conditioning unit on their hands, especially during the hot summers. Having a houseful is hard enough, let alone when you're all sweating and uncomfortable. If you have any concerns at all that your system isn't working as it should, whether that be because it's blocked or old, companies like HVAC repair are the solution you need. You can prolong the lifespan of your AC by regularly cleaning it and making sure you remove any dirt, dust, and leaves or branches that can get clogged in the vents and the main unit.

The Fridge and Freezer
Fridges are what use up the most of your electricity because they are constantly running in order to keep your food fresh and unspoiled. So you can imagine that when a problem arises, it's something to absolutely dread. You can avoid this with even the littlest of things by making sure that the door has been closed so no cold air can escape, because when this happens, it forces the fridge to pump out even more cool air which in time, can override the system.

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The Handrails
It may not seem like a big issue, but think about how often you use your handrail. Every time someone walks up or down the stairs, they are wearing on the handrail. If it isn't securely fastened to the wall, or has any splits in it, this will be a danger to yourself and your family, especially if you have young children around who rely on the handrail for support. If it feels a little looser than it used to be, don't take the chance. Fix it immediately. You may be able to do this yourself simply by tightening the screws or replacing them. Or you may need to replace the rail with a new one. 

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