Pick Me Ups To Boost Your Mood

Monday, September 25, 2017
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We all need to take 5 minutes sometimes. Often we need to take just a bit longer. So when it comes to a day off, or an evening to myself, I always choose do something that improves my mood and makes me feel as if I've taken a full day off. It don’t have to take much effort, and can often be done in 5 minutes, as long as you are enjoying yourself after a hard day or a long week.

Here’s a few ideas on the little pick me ups everyone should indulge in every once in awhile.

Change Your Hairstyle
There is no better mood booster than having your hair styled by a pro. For starters, you get to sit back and relax in a chair for at least an hour while someone washes your hair, massages your scalp, and styles you hair. I mean, hello! Long hair specifically is something fantastic to change up and style when you need a good mood boost. If you don’t have long hair, you can find some good tape in hair extensions to add to a short style. Playing with product and styling tools can take you a long way in terms of changing up your look and giving yourself a confidence boost.

A Face Mask
Whether you use a prepackaged mask or make your own using natural products from the supermarket and out your fridge, a face mask is a great way to free your pores from dirt and natural oils and makes your skin feel less heavy.

Buy some avocados and cut them up, then crush them until smooth and creamy. Add in some honey for its gluey and rejuvenating effect, and apply to your face. Make sure you have the cucumber slices for your eyes as well!

Play Some Music
While you are doing your face mask, put on your favorite playlist and really listen to it. So often we have music on in the background and we aren't truly enjoying it. Slow down and listen to the music and the lyrics. Or have a good dance around your living room or bedroom. Go back to your teenage days and grab a hairbrush to pretend to sing into. We all need a little more silly fun in our lives, and this is a great way to have it!

Invite Someone Over
Staying in is sometimes the last thing we want to do because of stress, and sometimes it takes far more energy than you can muster. Call up a friend, see if they’re free, and have a good time together.

Mix up a cocktail, watch some good TV, unwind and catch up. You won't need to compete with a crowded restaurant or noisy bar, and there's no closing time!

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