Happy August ~ Letter From The Editor

Monday, August 5, 2019

They say August is the Sunday of summer. Just as Sundays are a mad dash to get done everything you didn't get accomplished on Saturday, August is the same. We always seem to spend the month trying to squeeze in all the things we didn't do in June and July and then some. August always seems to be a busy month when it should be the month where we chill and enjoy the last bits of summer.

This month on the blog, I'll be sharing some travel tips as we prepare for our girls trip to Rehoboth Beach. I've tasked myself with the goal of packing lighter and smarter, which will be a challenge since we are driving and have a lot more flexibility with bags, etc. But I always seem to overpack for this trip. I wear 1/3 of what I pack, and it frustrates me that I wasted time and space overpacking. I'm also sharing what I pack in my beach bag. Now that the girls prefer to take their own bags, mine is pared down and streamlined with only what I need for a day at the beach. And most importantly, I'm sharing how I make fitness and health a priority during my vacation.

I'll be sharing what books we plan to read during our week away as well as the books that I read in July. I also have a post in the works to share the items I've bought recently as well as what is currently in my Amazon cart.

So stick around because there's a lot more than that coming to the blog this month. But in case you missed it, here are some of the popular posts from last month.

Also, be sure to check out my weekly series Weekend Dispatch where I share some ideas for how to spend your weekend.

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If you still haven't taken that spontaneous weekend getaway that's on your summer bucket list, it's time to take it! Pack everything you'll need in this roomy weekend duffle bag.

August can be hot, and the thought of wearing constricting clothing fills me with dread. This twist back dress is perfect for throwing on when you it's too hot to even think about what to wear.

As much as I don't want to think about fall when we still have plenty of summer to enjoy, I have to admit that I've started looking at shoes that can make a seamless transition from summer to fall. I am loving these suede open toe booties (and they are under $50!).

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Have an amazing August!

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