How I Stay Healthy & Fit While On Vacation

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

This week I am enjoying a week long vacation in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware with my sisters and their families. While this vacation means a break from work and all the other domestic obligations of home, it doesn't mean a break from my normal exercise routine. Exercise is just as important to me when on vacation as it is when I am not since my eating habits are often more haphazard and relaxed when I am away. For me, vacation is no reason to check my healthy habits at the door. In fact, it's even more of a reason to keep them intact and make them a priority.

Here are the ways I stay healthy and fit while on vacation:

I Exercise First Thing In The Morning
I wake early and hit the road. There is a sense of calm and quiet at that hour of the day that you won't find at any other time. Since Rehoboth is a bustling resort town, there's lots of activity and it usually gets going by 8 am. So, I like to get up and out before 7 AM to squeeze in a 5 mile run or walk. This way, I am finished by 9 AM, and the exercise sets a positive tone for the day and often helps keep me on track in terms of healthy eating as well.

If you are exploring a city, opt to walk rather than book a tour bus. Aim to see the sights on foot rather than using a taxi, Uber, or Lyft. If your hotel has a gym, take advantage of it. Most hotel gyms are open 24 hours to allow travelers to workout at a time that's convenient for them.

I Mix Workouts with Sightseeing
Skip the tour bus and hit the pavement to do your sightseeing. Walking to explore a city or town is a great way to get your exercise and see everything a city has to offer from museums to landmarks to coffee shops.

I Find Local Exercise Classes or Activities
Whether you're visiting a large city or a small town, it's very likely that there is some sort of exercise studio within a reasonable distance to you. Google "fitness options near me" to find an activity that you enjoy. There's a good chance there's a yoga studio nearby or even an outdoor trail for running, walking, or exploring.

Also, when I am in large cities, I use ClassPass to attend fitness classes. In most cases, ClassPass allows you access to large health clubs and small boutique studios.

I Balance What I Eat
There are plenty of tasty temptations in Rehoboth Beach, and it's incredibly easy to fall prey to them. One of my favorites is the French crepes at Café Papillon. I could easily eat them for every meal and probably multiple crepes at each sitting. BUT...I don't. Because I know that crepes are rich and full of carbs and sugar, I balance them with healthy options for the rest of the day. If I have a crepe for breakfast, I'll most likely skip lunch (primarily because I'm not hungry for lunch after having a crepe) and have a large salad for dinner.

I never deny myself the pleasure of experiencing the local delicacies when I am vacationing. But I do make a point of balancing my meals. If any particular meal is a big one, I'll cut back on other meals of the day. For example, if I eat a big breakfast, I often skip lunch and eat a light dinner. That way I'm not feeling overly full at the end of the day because I ate 3 large, indulgent meals throughout the day.

I Prepare My Own Meals
Because I'm a vegetarian, I often have limitations when dining out whether I am home or own vacation. Since we rent a house when vacationing in Rehoboth, I have the option of cooking meals at home. We go to the grocery store and stock up on fruits, vegetables, grains, and beans to make vegetarian-friendly meals throughout our vacation.

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