How To Prepare Your Home For Fall

Sunday, August 11, 2019
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How nice would it be to only have to get some pumpkin spice candles in your home, and then you’ll be ready for fall? While yes, the candles are a pretty epic part of the season changing, there are some even more important things to be able to do to the home in time for fall. Some of these things can be costly if they are not looked at properly, which is not what you want as you prep for the the holidays (yes, I went there). So here are some of the things that you should be thinking about before your house transitions from the hot summer days to colder fall nights, and then freezing temperatures.

Clean Your Gutters
Spring isn't the only rainy season. Fall tends to be wet also. If your gutters are dirty and clogged, the water isn't going to drain properly. The chances of there being major problems with your gutters is unlikely (as you’d be sure to notice something if there was a problem). But clogged gutters can lead to leaks, flooding, and damage to the exterior of the home. The damage could even lead to something like needing a whole roof replacement. So have them cleaned, or even replaced if necessary.

Properly Store Your Outdoor Furniture
If you have furniture on a patio, deck, or in the yard, it will require special care in the winter. The name does describe it, and it is outdoor furniture. But it doesn’t mean that it needs to be left out all year long. You will prolong the life of your furniture if you take it in over winter (or at least cover it). You are not going to need to use it, once the temperatures drop, so bring it indoors, put into storage, or cover with a waterproof furniture cover.

Fix Cracks In The Driveway
It can be easy to think that small things like cracks in a driveway can be something that will actually be fine. But if left over time, water can get in the cracks, and and freeze as fall and winter temperatures drop. The cracks will then expand, and lead to larger cracks, bringing some pretty bad damage. Concrete filler can work, or fill with sand if you have a paved driveway.

Test Winter Equipment
If you have things like a snow blower or an indoor heating system that you will want to be using in winter, now is the time to check that these things are in working order. A few years ago, we waiting until the first substantial snowfall to fire up our snowblower, and guess what? We didn't have gas in it! You don’t want to turn your heat on to realize that the boiler is out. The same for a snow blower. If you check now, you have enough time to fix something if needed, or get a replacement.

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