5 Fab Finds Under $50: Travel Edition

Friday, August 16, 2019

Tomorrow we push off for a week in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Since we drive to Rehoboth each year, I always have a tendency to overpack. I load up the car with anything I think I might possibly use (but never do 🤦🏼‍♀️). This year I am employing a different packing strategy and packing only what we absolutely need.

In today's Fab Finds I wanted to share a few of the inexpensive packing/travel essentials that helped me achieve my packing goal.

1. Jewelry Organizer ($25) - I don't usually travel with a lot of jewelry. I like to stick to a minimum and try to pack only what I'd normally wear at home, which is a few different types of earrings, a delicate necklace or two, a few bracelets, and maybe a statement necklace for a particular dressy outfit. The problem is that no matter how much or how little jewelry you pack, there's not a good way to pack and organize it. That was until I found this absolutely fabulous jewelry organizer. My favorite feature is the way to pack necklaces so that they are separated from the next one so that they don't tangle. Brilliant!

2. Document Holder ($14) - Although I won't be using this for this particular trip, I love it for domestic and international airfare travel. It holds boarding passes, passports, ID, credit/debit cards, money, and a phone. There's even a place for a pen.

3. Toiletries Bag ($42) - A few years ago I bought this bag at a Vera Bradley outlet store while we were in Florida. It has become one of my most prized travel items. It's roomy enough to hold my makeup as well as travel sized toiletries. It includes a metal hanger so you can hang it in a closet, towel hook, or on a shower rod.

4. Packing Cubes ($20) - When I bought my suitcase, a set of packing cubes was included with it. I loved them so much that I ordered this set from Amazon for everyone else in the family. Trust me, you will love these. They keep all your clothes organized, and you will be so surprised by how much each cube holds. They also keep your clothes tight and compact so you can fit more in each cube.

5. Tote Bag Organizer ($26) - If you carry a big tote all the time like I do, you'll love this organizer. It's structured which I love since most totes aren't exactly known for their structure. If you use a tote for a personal carry on when you fly, you need this. It fits perfectly into most large totes and has a pocket for EVERYTHING. There are zipped sections for valuables and open sections for items that you frequently reach for inflight.

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