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Wednesday, April 29, 2009
Sometimes I feel as if I have dangling posts. You know, those posts to which I never follow up. So, in an effort to tie up some loose blog ends, here's a post giving an update on a few recent posts.

1. I wrote here about my recent 2-day hospital stay. Last Tuesday I received the results of my blood work. All the lab work came back normal, and as a result, my general physician thinks the problems I am having stem from high blood pressure. He suggested that I buy a home blood pressure monitor and take my BP 6 -9 times per day, and follow up with him in 2 weeks. My monitor arrived today, and I've begun collecting my data!

2. I've written about the long road to choosing a preschool. Monday was registration at our first choice for Harper. It began at 12:00 pm. When I arrived at 11:15, I was the 23rd person in line. The first person arrived at 9:00 am. Crazy! After an hour long wait, Harper was enrolled in the time slot that I preferred!! Yay! I'm so happy. By the time we made it to the front of the line, there were only 2 spots left in the class that I wanted. We were lucky! Whew!

3. Do you remember that art easel that I wanted to makeover? Well, I did. Here are the before and after pics.


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Katie said...

Thanks for the updates, because to be honest I have been wondering what the heck was going on with your medical tests but didn't want to be too nosy and pry into your business but you did bring them up so I was concerned. I've had to do that whole take several times a day, record, etc. It can be a hassle but you get used to it and it's nice to have the information.
Glad to hear about the preschool too, I was dreading having to do the get up super early to register and fight for a spot. Luckily, our preschool did online registration for the first time this year and all we had to do was turn on the computer.
Love the makeover! We have a chalkboard/dry erase board from IKEA that is unfinished wood and she's already gotten some marks from the markers on it, so I can foresee a future in which I have to crack out the paint and touch up the frame. I hope mine turns out as nicely.