Our Easter weekend

Monday, April 13, 2009
To say that this weekend was busy is a gross understatement. It was busy, and it was crazy fun! It all started with our visit to the Easter Bunny on Friday. To see those photos, click here.

On Saturday, Emma had a birthday party to attend. After we dropped her off, Harper and I came home to boil the eggs. Here's the fun that ensued when Emma returned from the party.
After the eggs were finished, we made this "sunflower cake" which I had originally seen on Katie's Nesting Spot. Click here to see Katie's post.

One of our Easter traditions was that my sister-in-law would make a lamb cake, a boxed pound cake baked in a lamb cake pan. It was really cute, but tasted awful. The first few years were OK, but in the last 4 years or so, the cake started to taste worse as each Easter passed. Last year, she didn't make it so this year, we decided to introduce the sunflower cake as a new tradition. Everyone thought it was really cute...not sure how they thought it tasted!!

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Katie said...

Cool, I am so glad you made the cake! Wasn't it fun to make and pretty to look at? We liked ours a lot, but then again my dad is a huge fan of peeps and marshmallow are high on ER's favorite things. I thought the chocolate chips made the cake taste really good. But even if people didn't love the taste, hopefully it tasted better than lamb cake!