Cheers to Mother Earth!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009
I'm not sure when it happened, but I was bitten by the "green" bug. Yes, I am a self-proclaimed tree hugger. I've been recycling for more than 10 years, but more recently, I've been absolutely fanatical about the 3 R's...reduce, reuse, recycle.

On this Earth Day, I am embracing my inner green and I'm proud of it. It's suddenly cool to be green. It's hip to use canvas bags at the grocery store or any store for that matter. I love that I've had an effect on family members, too. Emma is going green by recycling all of her unwanted school papers. She's also been very conscious about turning off her bedroom lights when she's not in the room. My sister Brenda rides her bike to work! How awesome is that? I've even been able to convince my sisters to start using environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Emma was so excited this year when she learned that the first graders were going to be performing an Earth Day concert on Friday for family and friends. As part of the concert, each child was given a paper plate and asked to design an earth on the plate. They'll be wearing these around their necks during the concert. She couldn't wait to do the project. Although I helped her draw the continents, she did the rest by herself. Take a look. Oh, that's glitter, by the way. Emma's all about the bling!!

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April said...

You'll be proud of me...I bought my first "green" tote bags yesterday!