It's here! It's FINALLY here!

Sunday, April 26, 2009
Spring has sprung here in the northeast. This weekend is actually feeling like summer, but anyway, spring is here. It's beautiful in all it's glory. I love spring and all that it embodies. The birds chirping, the trees and flowers blooming, the longer, sun-filled days, the people out and about. Spring brings hope and promise, and that's what I love.

My neighbor's beautiful daffodils.

A close-up of our budding maple tree

The blooming maple tree

A dove's nest in one of our backyard trees.


April said...

I do miss springtime with the smell of all the flowers blooming, freshly cut grass and the birds chirping. Before you know it we'll be enjoying our beach vacation..yeahhhhhhh!!!

Katie said...

Is this being dumb, I had no idea Maple trees got buds. Do they flower? The daffodils are lovely.