What I Can't Live Without: Primal Elements Soap

Monday, April 6, 2009

If you think these soaps are pretty, you should smell them. They are amazing. I've been using Primal Elements soaps for about 3 years. I discovered them shortly after we first moved to Point Pleasant while shopping at an eclectic body and aromatherapy shop. One sniff and I was hooked.

All Primal Elements soaps are handmade and all natural. The vegetable glycerin soaps are available in heaps of great scents and designs. They are, however, a sheer indulgence at $8 per bar. Although they are bigger than an average bar of soap and last for months, they are a special treat. I'm thinking future giveaway here!

In addition to their soaps, I love the rags to riches story behind this company. For more information on their success story and to take a look at the full line of soaps and other products, click here.

* I have not, in any way, been paid to endorse Primal Elements. However, if they ever wanted to throw some freebies my way, I wouldn't turn them down.


Miti said...

How cute are they?!!!!

Pootsie said...

Cute, cute, cute!!!