Stop Complaining

Tuesday, April 28, 2009
It's been a long, wet winter and spring. Until about a week ago, I never thought I'd see the sun again. And then, what was there, in front of my face on the nightly news weather forecast? Yes, temperatures were expected to soar into the 90's!!! And soar they did!

I loved it! The windows were open, the fresh air was blowing through my house. The sun was shining and the birds were chirping. The trees were in full bloom. It was magnificent. But I think I was one of the few who thought so. So many people with whom I spoke were complaining about the "ghastly" heat, saying it's too much too soon. OK. Seriously. It was 2 days of temps in the 90's. The way people were talking, you'd think they'd just endured a month long heat wave. Some people turned on the air conditioning. Unbelievable!! No air for me in April. No way!

Please, people, stop complaining about the warm weather. At least stop complaining to me. I don't want to hear it. We know the warmth isn't going to last. Temps will be back in the high 50's again soon, and you know what? Those same people will be complaining about how cold it is.


April said...

I guess those people wont do too well here in AZ. I looooove the hot weather. I loved that first day of spring back east when I could open the windows and spell sprintime in the air.

Katie said...

I wonder if those were record highs? We've had a spat of lovely weather but now it's back to being a typical spring to maybe a bit cold. I'd rather have 90s!