Photo Shoot

Tuesday, December 1, 2009
Our annual vacation to Captiva is a perfect time for me to get a picture of the girls to use for our Christmas card. This year, I had the coordinating outfits, the camera and the tripod. What I didn't have was cooperative weather.

Over the weekend, I planned to have a quick photo shoot with the girls. I wanted to order the pictures by Saturday evening in order to get a generous discount. Who was I kidding? A quick photo shoot? It's wasn't possible. Nor was it painless.

Since it was windy on Saturday, I decided to set up a makeshift studio inside. They weren't into it.
They wanted to go outside. So we did.I like the picture below, but obviously I need help with shadows. I definitely need to tune up my photography skills.

Can you guess which picture I used for our card???

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April said...

I love these pictures! used either picture #1 or the one in the sunshine.