Enjoying the unexpected

Sunday, April 26, 2009
I am a maker of plans. I'm an action-oriented kinda girl, and I like it that way. However, sometimes the unplanned and unexpected can be lots of fun.

Yesterday, we had tickets to see the new Disneynature movie, "earth" at 10:15 am. I wanted to see it early so that we could enjoy the summer-like weather that was forecasted for the day. I didn't have a plan for exactly how we'd enjoy the weather. I just knew we HAD to enjoy it after a tortuously long winter and a rainy spring.

We spontaneously stopped at the park after the movie, and after the park, we unexpectedly happened upon an arts and crafts festival.

In addition to having their faces painted, the girls enjoyed watching a clown make them each a princess wand with balloons. And finally, I bought each of them a lip gloss necklace.

Who knew the unplanned could be so much fun?!!

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Katie said...

That's my favorite kind of day, when you happen upon the fun!