Friday Fotos

Friday, April 10, 2009
I know. I know. Friday Fotos are about 12 hours later than usual. It's been a busy day. Emma's spring break started today, and we had plans to see the Easter bunny. I wanted to include those pictures in today's posting, so that's why I'm late!! Hope you think the pics were worth the wait!

After days and days of rain, we finally had some sun and mild temps last Sunday. The girls broke out their sunglasses!
Emma is determined to teach Harper how to climb a tree. It's fun for Harper but incredibly frightening for me!
After Harper's trip to the pediatrician on Tuesday, I treated her to lunch at McDonald's (a rare treat)! She was such a good girl for the doctor. Plus, she was famished!
Here's my star gymnast.
This year's picture with the Easter Bunny!
No trip to the mall is complete without a ride on the carousel!

And a visit to the the (germ infested) mall kid zone. The kids love the indoor play area. I think it's icky, but dare I protest?

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Katie said...

I wonder if they have the same standard Easter bunny everywhere across the country! We haven't been to take our picture since ER's first year as she's terrified of the Easter bunny but he looked almost exactly the same.