I Love My Front Porch!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009
Summertime on my front porch reminds me of a Country Tyme lemonade commercial. In fact, I crave lemonade every time I step onto the front porch.

I wanted to share my porch with you, but as I was taking the pictures I realized that the narrowness of the porch made it virtually impossible to get a good shot from any angle. But here goes anyway...
It's difficult to see from the pictures, but the porch is almost completely secluded. There are trees and plants and bushes all around, which makes it ideal in the summer.

The girls love to sit here and enjoy the ice cream after the ice cream truck comes through the neighborhood.
Henry loves to read the paper on weekend mornings, and I just love sitting here...doing nothing.

It's a little slice of heaven in the summer!


Colette said...

Your front porch is a perfect summer hangout. BUT...what about your BACK deck?!?! Now THAT is a fine place to chill with a nice cold beverage. I know first-hand.

April said...

The perfect place to relax, enjoy a good book and a glass of iced tea. Very Mt. Gretna-ish and cozy.
Your lanterns would look great there as well.