Our Butterfly Project

Thursday, June 18, 2009
Last year, my sister-in-law, Susan (a.k.a "Pootsie") bought the girls a butterfly hatching kit for Easter. I was hesitant to do the project last year as I wasn't sure the girls were old enough to both appreciate it or understand it. This year, it was time to embark on this exciting project.

The kit from Insect Lore comes complete with a butterfly habitat including feeder and a coupon for caterpillars. We sent the coupon two weeks ago and received our butterflies the other day. It's amazing how much they've grown in the 2 days since I've taken these pictures.

They are sent in the cup shown below and must remain in the cup until they are hanging from the cup lid in their chrysalises. Once most are hanging from the lid, we will transfer the lid to the butterfly habitat where they will hatch. Once hatched, we can keep them in the habitat for a few days before releasing them into their natural environment.

Follow along here as we chart their progress and formation into beautiful butterflies!

Baby caterpillars.

Insect Lore sends painted lady butterflies rather than monarchs since monarchs require milkweed leaves in order to form their chrysalises.

It's so much fun to watch how excited the girls are each morning when they see how much the caterpillars have grown. Stay tuned!!

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Pootsie said...

I am so excited to watch this! We had butterflies that hatched at school just before we ended for the year. All of us gathered outside to let them go and sing our preschool goodbye song to our little butterfly friends. Next year....ladybugs!! XO