Friday Fotos

Friday, June 12, 2009
This week started off with yet another trip to Build-A-Bear Workshop. Emma had received a gift card for her birthday, and she was antsy to use it.

Emma chose a rainbow bear, and Harper chose a bunny.
Of course, we had to make a stop at the carousel while at the mall!
Our backyard friend decided to pay us a visit...on our deck!
On Sunday, we went to the river beach.
About 5 minutes after we arrived and unpacked, the ice cream truck came by. And then he continued to come by the beach every 15 minutes. Good for his business, but annoying for the parents.
After the beach, I found a long lost basket of bubble goodies in my hall closet.

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Pootsie said...

Looks a really fun week!! Bubbles are always funn...for everyone! xo