My Well Deserved Day Off

Friday, June 19, 2009
Earlier this week I had a day off. A day off for a stay-at-home mom means a day away from the house, kids, husband, pets, laundry, cooking, cleaning...need I continue? My day off was an overnight trip to Manhattan with my niece, my sister and her best friend.

It started with an hour train ride into the city where I would be meeting up with my group at the hotel. The solitude was wonderful. An hour's worth of quiet to read my book. In hour's worth of no interruptions to comprehend what I was reading. An occasional glance out the window at the Jersey scenery.

We stayed at the W Hotel, Times Square. It was luxury at it's finest. Our room was on the 42nd floor. Here was the view:
I never get to see the city from a tourist's perspective. Each time we go, it's either for dinner with friends, a show, a concert or a sporting event. Not this time! My sister's best friend had never been to NYC before, so we just HAD to show her the sights!

Times Square...
The famous Naked Cowboy...
Ground Zero...the void in the skyline is a daily reminder to all.

A memorial wall dedicated to those who perished from the sad.
Rockefeller Center...CBS Studios...

We enjoyed a relaxing and laid back time in the big city. There were a few places on our agenda but otherwise, we decided to wing it.

After walking for hours, we devoured a delicious seafood dinner at the Famous Oyster Bar Restaurant. We were famished. I swear seafood never tasted so good. After dinner we continued to explore until we just couldn't walk anymore.

The following morning, we enjoyed drinks from Starbucks and headed to the Brooklyn Diner for breakfast. I don't like eggs, and I don't eat pancakes or french toast (I don't like maple syrup). I opted for the raisin bran pineapple muffin. It was delicious. For $3.50 I got 2 bran muffins and a corn muffin. Tasty! Not bad for the price. But I must add that I paid $2.95 for a banana. Yes, ONE banana!! My fellow diners had eggs and raved about them.

What every day off should be: TONS OF FUN!!

Thanks, ladies for a fabulous time in the Big Apple! From left, my niece Colette, my sister Brenda, her best friend Mary Ann, and I.

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