One person's trash...

Saturday, June 13, 2009
is another's treasure. Recently I found two fantastic items, a plant stand and a pair of lanterns. They needed a little TLC, but seriously, there's nothing a few coats of spray paint can't fix.

Here's the plant stand. I found it curbside at some one's house. They were going to pollute a landfill with this beauty! It was a dull and drab, muted gold.

Now it's a bright and cheery yellow!

I found these laterns at a thrift shop for $4 per pair. I thought they looked a little beat, but again, there's nothing a little spray paint can't cure.
One down, one to go!
Two down!

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April said...

Great job! They're beautiful...I love the bright colors. Pep adds a special touch to the pictures.