25 Days of Christmas: Day 12 ~ Trees

Monday, December 12, 2011
Real or fake? Which do you prefer?

Growing up, my family always had a fake tree. Although it was a pretty tree, it wasn't a Douglas Fir. It didn't smell of Christmas. It smelled of the basement, where it was housed most of the year. As a child, I missed out on the whole "chopping down a real tree in a field" experience. In fact, I thought that existed only in the movies.

After college when I became a real grown up with an apartment of my own, I knew I wanted a live tree. I wanted an authentic Christmas experience. I wanted my apartment to be filled with the scent of evergreen.

Today, I still love a live tree. I love picking out the perfect tree. As the years have passed, the trees have gotten smaller as I have less time to put them up and take them down. We actually put 2 trees up in our home, one for the girls and one for me. I'm particular about my tree. I like to do themes, and I want neither their homemade nor their Hallmark ornaments on my tree, but I do want their ornaments somewhere. So, we have 2 trees, which is perfect until it's time to take them down.

This year my tree has a silver and white theme. Most of the balls and ornaments I already had, but I did buy a few snowflakes and other ornaments from the dollar store. You need to check out your dollar store. Some great holiday finds!

What are you loving about your tree this year?

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