Exciting Announcement: I'm a Brand Ambassador!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011
When I first launched Pieces of a Mom three years ago, I never imagined the people I would meet, the opportunities that I'd be given, and the path my little ole blog would take. What began as an experimental and creative outlet for me has turned into a business. Go figure.

Three years and over 700 posts later, I am proud to announce my very first brand ambassadorship!! While this may not be big news for big bloggers, it's pretty exciting stuff for me. It opens up doors that wouldn't otherwise be open for me, and I'm elated to be representing a company that I wholeheartedly endorse, Stonyfield Farm.

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet representatives from Stonyfield back in April when I attended a luncheon hosted by Stonyfield featuring Robyn O'Brien. To read more, click here. I was so impressed by Stonyfield's mission and history. I left the luncheon knowing that I wanted to work with this company in some capacity as a blogger. And now I am thrilled to have been given that opportunity.

Stonyfield Farm, the award-winning organic dairy company, was founded in 1983 on a small farm in New Hampshire. With humble beginnings and lofty goals, Stonyfield has blossomed into a thriving business which focuses on sustainable farming practices. Over the last couple of decades, Stonyfield has experienced explosive growth, while introducing many new products: yogurt drinks, frozen yogurt, ice cream, YoBaby, a Greek yogurt we call Oikos, soy yogurts, and fluid milk—all organic.

In addition to producing the finest (and yummiest) yogurt on the market, Stonyfield also prides itself on being a model for socially and environmentally responsible business practices.  Stonyfield established a “Profits for the Planet” program, which commits 10% of annual profits to individuals and organizations working to restore and protect the environment. Stonyfield also uses the yogurt lids—millions each week—to promote causes, organizations, and environmental initiatives. Our plant engineers have worked hard to reduce the energy used to make yogurt, and to recycle as much waste as possible, which has kept tens of millions of pounds of waste from being dumped into landfills.

I am proud to be a Stonyfield "Yo-Getter". I can't think of a better company with which to align myself and my blog. But how do you benefit as a reader? Well, you'll get lots of great information here regarding organic dairy products and manufacturing practices. There will also be fun giveaways and heaps of great recipes that you can share with your family.

In the meantime, head on over to Stonyfield's Web site where you can register to earn rewards on purchases, print coupons for your favorite products, and read about all things Stonyfield.

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