My Anthropologie Deals & Steals

Thursday, December 29, 2011
Anthropologie is having an amazing sale right now. 50% off all sale items!!! I went there late last week to buy gift cards for my nieces for Christmas. Although I tried hard not to do it, I somehow ended up in the sale section. I browsed. I saw a few tops that I liked but nothing that screamed "BUY ME!". But then, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted some jackets. I have a soft spot for jackets. Not big, heavy, winter coats. Lightweight jackets. Blazers, trenches...that sort of thing.

I bought this sweet thing for $20!! It was 50% off $39.95. It was originally $118. It went through one markdown to $69.95 and finally ended up at $39.95 + 50% off.

I tried this jacket on but wasn't totally sold. But for $10, why not?? It was originally $88. It went through one markdown to $49.95. Another to $29.95, and a final one to $19.95 + 50% off. Crazy, right?

I bought this dress for $5. It's very sheer and can probably never been worn on its own. But I thought it would make a great beach or pool coverup. It was originally $118. It was marked down to $29.95 and again to $9.95 + 50% off. Unbelievable.

Finally, I bought a few dip bowls for $1.25 each. Seriously. How could I not? I bought one in every color available and spent $6.25 for 5 bowls.

Don't you just love a great bargain...especially an Anthropologie bargain??

Have you scored any good pre- or post-holiday bargains?

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