25 Days of Christmas: Day 5 ~ Holiday PJs

Monday, December 5, 2011
One of our holiday traditions is Christmas Eve PJs. Since Christmas 2002, the girls and I have been wearing our Christmas PJs on Christmas Eve. I wear the same pair every year, but I've been buying new pairs for the girls every few years. Last year, our Elf on the Shelf bought them and wrapped them for the girls while we were at Christmas Eve mass. It was a fun surprise for the girls! Although I was less than pleased as the Elf made a complete mess with the tape, ribbon, and wrapping paper.

You can find holiday PJs just about anywhere, but my favorite place to buy them is Hanna Andersson. They are a bit more expensive than those you might find at mass retailers, but they are SO worth it. You cannot beat Hanna Andersson quality. The clothes last forever! Plus, the holiday selection of pajamas is so adorable! I seriously had a difficult time making a decision for the girls this year.

For years, we stuck with the classic Hanna long johns. We've had both the green and the red striped. Currently on sale: $28/pair

Hanna Andersson introduced some new, fun prints this year.

 Santa Suit
All printed long johns are $28/pair

Last year, I bought the girls nightgown in a holiday print. But this year, there isn't a true holiday print available. :(    $28

I've got my eye on these for the girls this year. They are also available in purple. I think the girls would LOVE these! Also $28/pair.

And available in a variety of prints.

If I had a little boy, I'd go for these:

Do you see what I mean about making a decision?? There are so many great prints!

Hurry! Most of the pajamas shown here normally sell for $44/pair. I'm not sure how long the sale lasts, but I'd order soon not just for the price but to be sure you get them in time for the holidays!

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