25 Days of Christmas: Day 19 ~ Handmade Ornaments from the Kids

Monday, December 19, 2011
Seriously. Who can resist an ornament made by your child? Just the thought of those little hands and fingers gluing and creating is enough to melt my heart. And the effort that goes into it, and the pride that results from it? Forget about it. I turn to mush.

I look forward to receiving these ornaments every year. They aren't perfect, but that's what makes them perfect. Every single one of them is dear to me, and I'll never throw them away. But I have collected a few favorites over the years.

Any ornament with a picture ranks high on my list of favorites.

I love the ornaments with a scribbly little signature.

The following ornaments are all-time favorites because 1) I collect snowmen, and 2) I love anything with a seaside theme.
 Emma made the snowman in her last year of preschool. Isn't he the cutest?

Harper made the shell ornament last year in her final year of preschool. I love how it kind of looks like a face, but not really. It's so imperfectly perfect.

Do you have favorite, handmade ornaments given to you by your child(ren)?

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