25 Days of Christmas: Day 4 ~ My Birthday

Sunday, December 4, 2011
Yes, today is my birthday. And, yes, I'm going to be selfish here. There will be no fun Christmas product, item, recipe, cocktail, etc. It's all about me today.

And guess what? You're lucky because I'm going to drag it out for only a day here. In real life, I drag it out for a week. Actually, I've been dragging this birthday out since we left for vacation on November 11. We returned on November 18th, but the birthday celebration didn't end there! Yeah, it's been a 3 week long celebration. The Hubs is so over it!!!!

So, bear with me...just for one day. I promise by December 5th, it will be OVER.
Happy Birthday to me, and thank GOD for Prosecco! Cheers!!

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