3 Cute Workout Outfits To Motivate You To Exercise

Monday, February 25, 2019

We've all been there: we go to bed at night excited to get up in the morning to workout. But when morning comes and you pick out your outfit for the gym, that excitement turns to dread when you realize that your workout clothes just aren't doing it for you anymore.

You can bet that every time I have a fun new pair of pants, a crisp new top, and bouncy new kicks, I am ready and eager to hit the conveyer belt on the treadmill, the steps on the Stairmaster, the pedals for a spin class.

A new outfit not only gives you motivation to workout but it also gives you a confidence boost. So, stop hiding out under baggy tops and sweat pants and take a look at these 3 cute outfits for the gym.

Subtle Pastels


There are a lot of bright, bold workout clothes out there. And while they definitely make a statement, I'm more of a toned-down kind of gal. This outfit is subtle and yet eye catching. With the combination of navy and pastel pink, you can't go wrong.

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Yoga For Days

floral leggings | tank | cardigan | flip flops | water bottle | yoga mat

When you practice yoga, you want comfortable clothes that are fitted but not too tight nor too loose. I always wear a lightweight sweater to class until I get warmed up. I love these floral leggings. They are fun but the colors and the print aren't out of control.

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Rock Your Workout


A basic workout outfit that you can turn to again and again is anything but boring. Lately, I've been loving black leggings and a black top (or any other plain colored top) for my workouts. It's functional, and often that type of combination lends itself well to a productive workout.

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