The Books I Read In January

Monday, February 11, 2019

Since my reading goal (35 books) for the year is a top priority for me, I thought I'd do a monthly recap of the books I've read. I'm hoping that committing to sharing the books I've read will help keep me on track and motivated. I will also be creating an Instagram Stories Highlight where I'll share the books I've read and very short reviews/ratings.

Girls' Night Out by Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke    3.5/5 stars
After having read The Good Widow by the same authors back in September, I thought I'd come back and read another book by this duo. Although I enjoyed this book, I had a very difficult time keeping the three main characters straight. I was confused for, at least, the first third of the book. Three friends go on a Mexican vacation to repair their fledgling friendship. One goes missing during the trip, and the remaining two go on a quest to find her and discover a lot about their relationships along the way.

A Week In Winter by Maeve Binchy    5/5 stars
I started reading Binchy's books back in the early 1990's. Anyone remember Circle of Friends? That book was my introduction to Binchy, and I immediately loved her style of writing and the immediate connections you felt to the characters. Every book by her that I've read has been no different. A Week In Winter is a heartwarming look at a week spent at a coastal Irish cottage. Binchy's portrayal of the guests is both humorous and sensitive, trademarks of Binchy's writing. You find yourself cheering each character on as they struggle with decisions and feeling as if you are right there in the story.

The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanan    5/5 stars
I've had this book on my list for almost a year after it landed on The New York Times bestseller list in January 2018. I finally found it on a 2 for $10 table at Barnes and Noble, so I grabbed it. It was definitely worth the wait! This book is a page turner. When you read the inside jacket, it warns you to not make any assumptions about the book or its title. So, when I was reading, I kept thinking about that, and it made me continually try to anticipate what was about to happen. I found that to be slightly distracting, but overall it was a really good book with a completely surprising ending.

The Pull of the Moon by Elizabeth Berg    3/5 stars
The description of this book sounded so good and so relevant to my life. But I was slightly disappointed in it. Fifty year old Nan decides to leave her home and husband to take a spontaneous solo road trip. She hops in the car and starts driving with no real destination in mind. It's written in journal format with Nan writing letters to her husband, her daughter, and jotting down journal entries in her personal journal. I didn't mind the journal format so much as I wanted something more exciting to happen for Nan in her journey. I wanted her to meet someone who made a significant impact on her or visit a place that was unforgettable. But that never happened.

Have you read any good books lately? I'd love to know. Leave a comment with your book recs. Thanks!

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