Weekend Dispatch

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Last weekend was full but satisfying. Harper had a Confirmation prep workshop at church for 3 hours on Saturday morning. While she was there, I went to the gym. I rarely go to the gym on Saturdays, primarily because my Friday workouts are strenuous and leave me tired and sore by Saturday mornings. But for the past two Saturdays, I've hit the gym. I actually like the Saturday morning vibe at the gym. It's so different from the weekday mornings. I made a run to Trader Joe's in the late afternoon, and had planned the night in since the Hubs had plans to take his cousin to dinner for his birthday. Those plans quickly went south, and he and I ended up seeing one of my favorite local bands on Saturday night. On Sunday, I ran some errands and took it easy as I was recovering from a sinus infection that I came down with last week. This weekend the Hubs is heading to Florida for a golf trip, and I have lots of plans to chill and catch up on books, Netflix, organizing, and prepping for Harper's 13th birthday.

Here's what I am up to this week:

I've never been a big fan of wine-of-the-month clubs. What if you don't like the wines that were chosen for you? I don't want to spend that kind of money on a service that I may not be happy with. So when I heard about Vinebox, a by-the-glass wine subscription, I was thrilled, to say the least. Vinebox allows you to sample a single serving a wine rather than an entire bottle (that may or may not knock your socks off). Subscription types var, but prices are comparable to single-glass prices at restaurants. Sign me up!

You're not living your best life until you're listening to The Daily Boost podcast. Whether you need motivation to workout, to make either a simple or a life-changing decision, to clean, to cook, to read, etc., you'll find it in one of the episodes from The Daily Boost. There is so much valuable and inspirational information here from setting goals, reassessing your values, defining success, and more. And most episodes are under 15 minutes!

Valentine's Day is almost here! If you are braving the restaurant scene, good for you. Personally, I take every step possible to avoid over-priced pre-set, prix fixe meals on Valentine's Day. I'd rather cook at home and since having kids, we've tried to make the meal something that's fun and festive. Since making homemade pizza is one of your favorite ways to prepare a meal as a family, these heart-shaped Valentine's Day pizzas are a fun way to celebrate the holiday, especially if you have little hands that like to help. Make a contest out of it by making an extra pizza per person for everyone to taste-test and vote on.

I love my nightly skincare/beauty routine. For me, the entire act of cleansing, moisturizing, and treating my face is so relaxing. It has also become a way to signal to my body that it's time to wind down. I've recently introduced a new step into my nightly routine: an overnight mask. It's not a step that I include every evening, but I do try to remember it 2-3 times per week. An overnight mask is specifically formulated to take full effect over the course of a good night’s sleep and is intended to  seal nutrients into the skin so it doesn’t smear on your pillow. These products run the gamut in terms of price and formulation, so I started at the lower end of the price scale to give the trend a try. And I wanted something that could treat my pesky menopausal breakouts. I'm hoping this Tea Tree Oil Imperfection Mask from The Body Shop does the trick. I'll let you know!

If you are local to the Jersey shore, you may want to check out Jenkinson's Family Date Night on February 8th and 9th beginning at 6 pm. 

So, tell me. What do you have planned this weekend?

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