5 Favorites: Hand Soaps

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

I am by no means a germaphobe, but I do wash my hands plenty of times throughout the day. Because I wash them so frequently, I am very particular about the hand soap that I use. I used to use inexpensive hand soaps, but they smelled very generic and were harsh on my hands. Now I switch between a handful of favorite hand soaps.

1. Williams-Sonoma Fleur de Sel Hand Soap (16 fl. oz.)
This hand soap is so fragrant and serene. Made with premium-quality essential oils with notes of juniper, verbena, lily, and rose, this soap smells like a French meadow. It's biodegradable and has not been tested on animals. Also, contains no parabens.

2. Companie de Provence Savon Marseille Liquid Hand Soap (10 fl. oz.)
I first discovered this soap when I picked up a few bottles at Marshalls. I fell in love immediately. The scents are divine (my favorite is Mediterranean Sea), and the smell lasts on your hands until your next wash. I love the simple bottles too. There's nothing elaborate about them, making them the perfect addition to your kitchen or bathroom sink.

3. J. R. Watkins Hand Soap Ocean Breeze (11 fl. oz.)
Target carries the whole line of J.R. Watkins' products. I am partial to the hand soaps, especially the Ocean Breeze scent. At $4 per bottle, this soap is an excellent value for the money. It's been a big hit in our house since I bought it on a Cartwheel deal at Target last month.

4. Molton Brown Hand Soap Pomegranate and Ginger (10 fl. oz.)
This soap is luxurious as far as hand soaps go. It's skin-boosting ingredients keep your hands hydrated and subtle fragrances keep them smelling divine.

5. Origins Ginger Hand Soap (6.7 fl. oz)
Over 15 years ago, I got hooked on the ginger body wash by Origins. When I found out they Origins made a ginger hand soap, I was beyond excited. The hand soap smells exactly like the body wash. It is such a soothing and refreshing scent that you'll find yourself washing your hands for no reason at all!

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