How To Make The Most of a Family Trip To the Pool

Wednesday, August 9, 2017
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During the summer months, there's no better exercise or enjoyment for kids than swimming. What better way to engage your kids in an active lifestyle than a family trip to the local swimming pool. Not only is learning to swim a major life skill which should be encouraged from an early age, but it also offers an excellent cardiovascular workout that can help to keep them energetic, physically strong and at a healthy weight. 

Here are a few tips to keep in mind to get the most out of a swimming experience for the entire family:

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Choose an Appropriate Pool
As notes, many pools welcome kids from newborns to toddlers, children, and teens. It is a good idea to start taking your little ones to the pool from as young an age as possible. This helps to make them feel comfortable and confident in the water. Check out your local facilities. Most will be happy to offer you a guided tour of the pool, explaining their health and safety policies and highlighting certain times that are ideal for families. Some will even offer special classes for children of varying ages, with shallow and deeper pools available depending on your child’s ability. Swimming lessons offered by trained and qualified instructors teach your children the basics in a low-pressure and safe environment. What’s more? Certain pools will have extra facilities that make them especially fun, such as wave machines, sprinklers, and pool floats.


Invest in the Basics
There are a few essentials that you will need to invest in before taking your kids on their first trip to the pool. First things first, a bathing suit. This almost goes without saying, but you’d be surprised at the number of parents who turn up for a swim session without them. Next? A high-quality swimming cap like those at This will keep your little one’s hair dry, meaning less fuss and hassle with washing and blow drying when it’s time to head home. While many pools will provide armbands and floats for classes, they may not be available outside of class. So double check. If they aren’t, you will want to purchase a personal pair for any children who aren’t yet confident swimmers. Finally, as your children become more comfortable in the water, you may want to start investing in little extras, such as goggles.

Pack Properly
Have a designated swimming bag for each of your children. Waterproof materials are preferable, as they’re to get wet in and around the pool area as well as in the changing rooms or shower rooms at one point or another. Make sure that as well as the basics listed above, each child has a clean, dry towel packed away, fresh underwear and socks (the ones worn into the changing rooms often have a similar soggy fate to the towels), shower gel (to wash chlorine and cleaning chemicals from their skin post-swim) and hair brushes to get tangles out of longer hair.

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