Easy Workouts For Busy Moms

Wednesday, August 2, 2017
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Exercise is the one thing we all say we’re going to do, but never seem to have the time or effort for it. In reality we do have the time but we usually don’t have the effort. Our intentions to start an exercise program are good, but our follow through is generally poor. It's time to stop making excuses and start making time to fit exercise into your busy schedule. Here are a few ways to make that happen.

Hit the Road
Possibly the cheapest and most accessible option of all is road running. This is as simple as getting your shoes and shorts on and going out for a run! Running is mainly cardiovascular exercise which means that it promotes lung and heart development as well as muscular endurance as opposed to strength. Running has a huge range of benefits from losing weight to help reducing the risk of heart attacks, strokes and migraines! It also is able to release endorphins into your system more than any other form of exercise, giving you the famed “runner's high” after you’ve reached your threshold!

Running comes with very limited startup costs, however if you’re going to be running often it’s important to get a pair of running shoes from companies like Asics sell a huge range of running shoes so you can find one to fit your style! It’s important to get running shoes because if you run often in any other shoes you can risk serious damage to your legs that is almost impossible to repair so keep this in mind!

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Home Workout Routines
We’ve all seen and heard of home workout routines. You buy a dvd, stick it into your TV and follow what is happening on the TV, but do they really work? Well, the answer is; it depends. It depends on how well you follow the workout. These workouts are not designed specifically for you, so you have to follow it in a way that is right for you. Too little or too much intensity will not have the best effect, so it really does depend on you! Some websites like https://www.defendyourhealthcare.us/body-beast-workout-reviews-what-is-body-beast review different home workouts, so make sure to read up and see what others think before you buy them.

Indoor Stationary Bikes
Indoor biking has become a new sensation across the world with companies like
www.spinning.com offering classes for it! If you don’t all have the time to go to a spin class, you can purchase an indoor stationary bike for home use. Indoor cycling has similar benefits to running in that it is cardiovascular exercise and will blow the cobwebs away and get you fitter, but it also places more emphasis on leg power so you can expect your legs to get quite toned after doing this for a few months. The best thing about this is that you can simply get home from work, jump on your bike for 20 minutes and you’re done! Cycling at home allows you to choose the intensity of your workout, allowing you to be more flexible rather than being forced to do a strict routine. Stationary bikes require very little maintenance too, making them a good investment.

Doing any of these things will be beneficial for your fitness, and the best thing is they are all quick and easy to do! As busy moms, we want to save as much time as possible. A trip to the gym isn't always time effective, but exercising in your home at your own pace is. If you’ve got a little baby that you want to include in some of the exercises to make for good bonding time, read
this for some good ideas!

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