7 Luxury Touches To Give Your Home Some Glamour

Saturday, August 12, 2017
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Designing your dream home can be bittersweet. At first, you can feel all excited at the prospect of putting together a home that suits your style and tastes. But, as you start to put things into practice, it's never that easy. You’re often met with too many choices. Even when you have a very defined and specific sense of style, it’s not always easy to know exactly what you want. When you look for inspiration, you can often like it all - but lots of different trends thrown together isn’t quite the look you were going for. So, what are you to do?

When you first move house or you’re in the planning process, you can start making your interior design choices. When you’re really torn between a few different styles, there’s only one winning thing that you can do to make it work. Adding in a slice of luxury is always the best way to fall in love with your decor. Regardless of the trends you choose and the themes you opt for, a few luxury touches will always make your home feel complete and add a hint of glamour too. And here are seven of the best.

A Bar
What could be more luxurious for your home than a bar? Even if you’re not the biggest of drinkers, adding in a vintage bar cart or a built in bar is definitely one way to add a touch of glamour to your decor. With stunning glasses, bottles of your favorite liquors and even some pretty napkins and straws, it will definitely become a focal point of your kitchen or living area.

Textured Wallpaper
If you’re looking for ways to add a bit of glamour to your overall decor, considering adding textured wallpaper. Not only is it a great way to bring a more decadent element into the home, but it’s also very interesting. Using texture in your decor definitely, adds a new kind of dimension. So if you feel like some of your rooms are lacking personality or finesse, work with a silky wall or something rugged, and it will soon become transformed.

A Roll Top Tub
Although the bathroom may seem like one of the least luxurious rooms in your home, one of the best ways to bring glamour into your decor is by adding it in the bathroom. If you want something gorgeous to relax or even to impress your guests, this is the room that can do it! Consider a curated line of acrylic free standing tubs, particularly a vintage looking roll top. You’ll find that your bathroom has the glam factor in an instant.

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A Smart Kitchen
If the bathroom is the primary room that can help you to achieve luxury, then the kitchen comes in at a close second. And when you want to go with glam or add some wow-factor to what you’ve got, you have to go smart. Smart kitchen technology will transform the look and functionality of your kitchen. With countertops that can charge your phone and a TV in the backsplash, you’ll definitely have a luxury kitchen.

A Theater Room
Of course, the ultimate luxury home in a home is to have a movie theater. Now, this doesn’t have to be a full-size movie theater that you’d visit when you go to the movies. Instead, it can be something cozy and intimate that you can relax in and enjoy. Building a home theater can actually be easy, especially if you have a spare room that’s fit for the job.

Thinking back to textures, if there’s one fabric that’s going to help you to transform your decor into something quite special, it’s velvet. Velvet interiors always look super luxurious and give off a glamorous edge. Whether you use it in your soft furnishings or furniture, or even on the walls or floor, you’ll get instant glamour. You could also use satin or silk to achieve a similar look.

A Smart Home Hub
If you loved the idea of having a smart kitchen, then you’re going to love going smart with a lot of other things around the house too. A smart home hub can allow you to control everything from your heating to shutting the blinds from one central hub or even from your smartphone. If you want to be able to turn your oven on from afar or control your entire home lighting system centrally, your hub can help with that. And yes, it’s definitely the glamorous edge that will make you feel famous.

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