Incredible Gifts To Amaze Every Recipient

Sunday, August 13, 2017
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'Tis better to give than to receive. The giving of a good gift is one of life's most fulfilling activities. A gift that sums up the recipient, a gift that will give them joy - or at the very least, a good laugh is the best give ever. I pride myself on choosing unique gifts for my friends and family. Many gifts can be expensive, but if you buy a gift that is relevant and unique, you'll never go wrong. Now, your budget might not mean you can gift rare gems, the Taj Mahal or helicopter rides away, but you might be able to give the gift of the moon and the stars. We’ll come talk about that later. But for now, here are some unique gifts that are sure to please the recipient.
You’ll need to seriously think here - as the biggest gift you can give to someone is one that means a lot. It might have something to do with their interests or hobbies, it could be something that can further their life. A podcast host will love a mic, a sports lover loves tickets, a musician will love an instrument. If you want to amaze, think closely about the type of person who you are giving a gift to. What would they like? What do they need? It’s not as hard a question to answer as you might think. 

What about a present or gift that is truly out of this world? What about a gift that cannot be matched? Look no further than signing up to the international star registry. My sister-in-law gave Emma this gift for her first birthday. Although Emma has no idea what it was at the time, she loves it now. The International Star Registry allows you to name a star after someone or yourself. You can choose a star located in a constellation or line it up with the zodiac signs, to truly personalize it. You'll also be able to get a star map that shows the exact location of the star you've bought (yes, you are reading that correctly, it's a star, an actual star), so you can try and spot it on a clear night. You'll also receive a photo book of the star and some images of the universe. This is an incredible gift for anyone, but if you know someone with their head in the clouds, it could be worth its weight in gold - and stars weigh a lot!

If you're really close to someone, what about a special trip away to an incredible destination? It's not a physical gift at all, but getting away could be something that recharges and refreshed everyone. Purchasing a unique vacation is a lifetime experience.

Switching gears a bit from a luxury vacation. One of the best gifts that you can give a partner is your help. Do their chores, compliment them and surprise them. This all sounds boring, but it will mean the world to your special someone, seriously.

We often look to gems and jewelry for gifts, and don't get us wrong, they are special things. What about upping the ante when it comes to jewelry to make it really special? What we want is jewelry that actually means something or for unique pieces. These by MaeLo are incredibly rustic, and for good reason, they are made from antlers. Custom-made pieces are a good idea as well, and these 14-karat gold discs complete with charms are a great personalized gift that can be a main present, or something on the side.
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All good gifts have one thing in common, they actually mean something to the person you are giving them to. It's all well and good buying stars or handmade jewelry for someone, but what if they don't like that stuff? Then an amazing gift turns into something of a failure. Learn more about the people you are giving too, because that is the only way that you are ever going to give gifts that nail it every single time. If you want to buy gifts to amaze, look within the person you are giving to and find something that means something to them.

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