How To Vacation Without Losing Your Style

Friday, August 11, 2017
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There are few times in life most of us look forward to more than vacationing. Having the chance to kick back and relax, ideally in a beautiful location, can often be exactly what you need to recharge and unwind. As I prepare for a week away in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware with my sisters and our families, I'm obsessing over what I'll wear and how to pack for the trip.

On top of all the many other considerations you need to think about when you go on vacation, you also want to make sure that you are looking your best. But this can be challenging for anyone. It’s not the kind of thing that often comes easy. I tend to overdress while on vacation. It's just how I am. I've never been one to do super casual very well and certainly not while on vacation. 

Here are some unmissable tips I follow to help me retain my sense of style while on vacation.

Pack A Variety Of Clothes
A great way to ensure that you look your best the whole time is to give yourself plenty of choices. As long as I've packed a variety of clothes for my vacation, I know I will always be looking great for the duration of the trip. This, after all, is the most essential aspect of staying stylish. If you are at a loss for what to take, go with a wide variety of items.

For a start, you absolutely want to make sure that you have packed your favorite summer women’s dresses, as these will constitute a large part of your overall look. But there is also plenty to be said for the importance of accessories. The more you have here, the more variety you can artificially create in your outfits, and that will mean you can essentially take each outfit much further. Don't forget to consider practicality and weather for your trip. 

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Don’t Be Afraid To Treat Yourself
The first thing to bear in mind is that having a sense of style means approaching every aspect of the trip from that point of view. Style is about much more than just what you wear - if you are serious about it, you will find that it has something to do with every decision you make for your holiday. So when you are starting to plan out your trip, remember to bear that in mind as you make your decisions. Everything - from where you stay to who you are actually traveling with - can make a huge difference to whether or not you feel truly stylish on vacation.

As a general rule, you should treat yourself as much as you can when you are deciding on where to go, what to do, and where to stay. The more that you "push the boat out", the more likely it is that you will feel the part as you vacation. Treat yourself to a few new items before you go, maybe a sun hat, a new dress,  a bathing suit, or pair of sandals. A few new items will help you to keep in the right frame of mind and stay as stylish as you know you can be.


Think Ahead To Your Holiday Plans
If you have any specific plans for what to do while you are on holiday, you might benefit from thinking about what those are and packing accordingly. The more suited to each circumstance you are visually, the more stylish you will both look and feel. If you haven’t yet got much planned, now is the time to book some specific activities or restaurant reservations as soon as possible. It will help you determine what to pack, and you will be able to think ahead to your various outfits for while you are away too.

There is no rule that says that you can’t look your best on holiday, no matter where you might be going or what you might end up doing. Think ahead, plan well, and you can ensure you are globetrotting while looking your absolute best.

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