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Thursday, August 10, 2017

There are still a few good weekends left of "unofficial" summer, and I plan to take full advantage of them. Next weekend, we leave for a week in Rehoboth Beach, but that still gives us a few more summer weekends here at the Jersey Shore. Luckily for us, things don't shut down here in the off-season. With plenty of year-round residents, there's always something to do.

Here's what's shakin' this weekend.

Every Sunday Dark City Brewing Company in Asbury Park hosts a yoga and beer combo. Kick start your Sunday with an hour long yoga session with instructor Stevie Leah followed by a 4 flight of beers and a brewery tour. Price is $13 (or $5 if you opt out of the beer). Event takes place from 10:30 am - 12 pm. Namaste!

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While everyone else is glued to Ozark (how can you go wrong with Jason Bateman and Laura Linney?), I'm over here binge watching Gypsy. I started watching it because of the intriguing description as well as for Naomi Watts (love her!). Although it took me a little while to get through the first episode, I was hooked by the time I started the second one. It's dark, spell-binding, romantic, and scary all in one bundle. One review called it "well made bad TV", and it is, but I like it. It's supposed to be a psychological thriller, but it's not very thrilling. It is mesmerizing and will suck you in when you're not looking. Oh, and did I mention it also stars Billy Crudup?!!

Several weeks ago, the Hubs and I had dinner at Half Moon Point. I'd been wanting to order the shrimp and grits since the restaurant opened in the spring, and I finally did. It was nothing short of spectacular, and I've been thinking about it ever since. This weekend I'll be making an attempt to make it at home using this recipe.

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There are so many good podcasts out there that it's often difficult to decide what to listen to. In this week's Best Online Reads I included a link to an article that listed a handful of recommended podcasts. One of my favorites from this list has been Crash On My Couch. I've found that many podcasts spew a lot of information at you. While most of the information is worthwhile, it's plentiful and comes at you quickly. Crash On My Couch is different. You get useful information, but you feel like you're having a conversation with two best friends. Although aimed at 20-somethings, I love this podcast for it's honest approach to the currently crazy world we live in. They chat about pop culture, relationships, pet peeves, and more.

I have a never ending quest for learning. When I discovered Skillshare, I couldn't believe the wealth of possibilities. Think of it as an organized and very specific version of YouTube. From tech to cooking to selling on Etsy, you can learn how to do it on Skillshare. There are so many options for both creative and professional types. Some classes are free and others require a fee. But in any case, check it out!

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