3 Ways To Prepare Your Child For A New School Year

Monday, August 14, 2017
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The new school year brings with it both excitement and trepidation. It can be an overwhelming time for both kids and parents. Minimizing the stressors and maximizing preparation are the key to starting the year off on the right foot as this time of year can present many challenges.

Getting organized now for a successful year ahead. Use these tips and ideas to get the family prepared for the best school year ever.

1. Do a thorough BTS cleaning
Over the next few weeks, you will have an influx of papers and forms infiltrating your home. All these papers can easily get lost in the shuffle if you don't have some sort of organization system to handle them.
  • Assign each child a paper tray for papers and forms that need to be completed and returned to school.
  • Get rid of any extraneous papers from the summer and the previous school year.
  • Clean out your child's closet and dressers. Donate clothes that no longer fit and make room for new clothes for the school year.
  • Clean out your pantry and refrigerator. Organize the contents of both so that it's easy for your children to put together their own lunches and snacks for school.

2. Have your child's eyes examined
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3. Do a first day test run
Doing a practice run through of the events that will take place on the first day is a great way to alleviate anxieties. Have your child pack lunch the night before. Wake early the following day and go through a typical day from waking to breakfast to getting to school (whether it's by bus, car, bike, or on foot). If your child will take the bus, practice your route to the bus stop, making sure to get there on time. Doing these activities in advance will make the first day seem less like a first day and more like a routine day weeks into the school year.
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