Tips For Losing "Baby Weight"

Friday, August 4, 2017
It took me a while after I had my first child to get back into a workout routine. It was a little less than two years to be exact. I kept making excuses and finding everything to do except exercising. A little weight gain was the least of my worries, but after more than a year, I started to run out of reasons why the extra pounds were still lingering. Losing the weight you've gained during pregnancy isn’t easy and having a baby to care for doesn’t make it any easier.

Here are some ways I lost the baby weight after having a baby.

Take it Slow
When mothers think about losing weight, they imagine hard exercise classes, sweat and having to muster energy that just doesn’t exist anymore. It’s not surprising many women give up before starting. It doesn’t have to be that complicated. Do you know that many women lose as many calories doing the housework as they do doing an hours long exercise class? Start off gentle and get the housework done while your little one is sleeping. If your baby has trouble getting to sleep, take a walk. You’ll get your exercise and baby will be swayed to sleep.

New mothers tend to eat more because they’re feeding their babies. When you’re breastfeeding you tend to consume more calories, which can mean you put on extra weight. However, if you breastfeed regularly, you’re transferring those calories to your child. Therefore, you’re losing weight just by sitting there and letting your child feed. If your baby isn’t feeding as regularly or you’re finding it difficult to breastfeed, it’s still important to express your milk with a breast pump.

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Lift Weights
As your baby grows, you may feel like you’re lifting weights everyday anyway, but lifting weights can help to speed up your metabolism. If you’d rather use your baby than weights, there are some safe exercises you can do. For example, hold your baby to your chest and do a few lunges every day. You can also lie flat on the floor and lift your baby from your chest into the air and back down. You can also exercise your legs and arms by pushing your stroller up hill.

Eliminate Bloating
After giving birth, many women may notice changes in their bodies and mood swings. Your hormones are likely to be unbalanced for a time, which may cause some bloating. Bloating can’t be combated in the same way weight gain can. Try drinking some Skinny Tea as a natural way to calm bloating. Avoiding carbonated beverages can help alleviate bloating as well.

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Get More Sleep
It’s easier said than done as a new mother, but sleep can help you with your fight against weight gain. If you’re forced to stay awake longer than you should, you’ll be tempted to eat and drink things that can give you an energy boost, like sugary snacks or caffeinated drinks. Sleep

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