Tips For Helping Parents During Their Retirement Years

Thursday, August 24, 2017
So, you’ve reached the point where you’ve just started to crack your career. You’re earning a solid income, and you are generally satisfied with where you are in life. That’s great news for you, but this is typically the time when your parents start to reach the point of retirement. As you hit your thirties, they’re on their way to their mid- to late sixties. It is worth thinking about how you can help them during this stage in life, ensuring that they get the twilight years they deserve.

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Say Congrats with a Gift!
They've spend the better part of their adult lives working for this moment. Although they are happy to be entering retirement, it isn't always a smooth or easy transition to make, considering they've been steadily employed for the past 30 years. Offering them a gift is a fantastic way to ease them into this next chapter of their life. Some parents will be rather eager to kick off their retirement. While others will be a little more apprehensive. But, the right retirement gift could be just what is needed to get them excited about this new point in their life, and there are plenty of retirement gifts to choose from. Alternatively, you could help them celebrate by planning and paying for an awesome trip to a dream destination. Retirement is the perfect time to visit all the must-see destinations.

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Help Them Move
Once people reach a certain point in retirement (or sometimes prior to, in preparation of retirement), they consider downsizing their home. Many retirees remain in the home where they raised their family. While there's sentimental value attached to the home, it's also likely to be too much maintenance for retirees. It could be that winding staircase isn’t such a fun climb. Or the once small yard has suddenly grown exponentially. This is why many retired couples choose to move to a condo for a simpler, gentler life. Helping them move when they retired will make sure they don’t delay it.

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Teach Them About Side Hustles

Side hustles are a way of life these days no matter your age. Yes, retirement is the time for relaxing, and if your parents have built a nice nest egg to lie back on, they don’t need to worry about completing extra work. But a side hustle might help occupy some free time. Extra work will help build up their finances so they can rely on them more and have a more comfortable retirement. Retired parents can consider a wide range of different options for their side job. For instance, they could try tutoring or even start a travel blog. No doubt, they will need some help from you getting set up and putting everything in place. But eventually, they could find themselves in the perfect position to make some extra cash.

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Show Them How To Relax
Finally, a lot of retirees will struggle to leave work behind at first. So, you’ll need to show them the joys that come with a relaxing life. Book a few spa weekends for them, get them some massage appointments and allow them to forget about the troubles of work, never looking back.

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