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Monday, July 31, 2017

We are half way through summer break, and I'm making a nice dent in my summer reading list (and getting slightly distracted by books that aren't on my reading list as well). There are so many good books out right now that it seems to take me as long to make a decision on what to read next as it does to read the actual book!

Here's what's currently in our beach bags each day:

What I'm Reading: Miss You by Kate Eberlen
After seeing this book on a list of recommended reads, I downloaded it immediately. It was less than $2 to download on to my Nook (although the Kindle edition is significantly more expensive). This is the fateful love story that follows two people over a 16+ year time period. Chance meetings keep bringing them together, and life keeps tearing them apart. Until...

What Emma's Reading: Life & Style magazine
Keeping it real and honest here. Just about the only thing Emma's been reading since school ended are celebrity gossip magazines.

What Harper's Reading: The It Girl by Katy Birchall
This book tells the story of a painfully shy girl who is thrust into the spotlight when her father becomes engaged to one of the world's most beautiful and recognizable actresses. Anna must figure out how to navigate the paparazzi and how to weed out real friends from the fake ones who only want her for her fame. Kindle edition (linked above) is $0.99!!!

What are you currently reading? Leave a comment to let me know your recommendations.

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