3 Innovative Ways To Use The Internet

Saturday, July 22, 2017
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We all know what a fantastic and useful tool the Internet is. Since its inception, it has evolved in a number of ways and seems to always be on the verge of something new. There seems to be no limit to what you can find on the Internet. I am constantly surprised by what you can do with a little help from the Internet, ranging from mundane everyday things to incredibly complex and serious life matters. 

Here are 3 of my most recent Internet discoveries:

Find The Perfect Recipe For Your Ingredients
The Internet is a great resource for recipes. If you want to know how to make something, all you need to do is a quick search and you’re ready. Or if you prefer, you can browse through recipe sites looking for your ideal meal or snack. But did you know that you can work it the other way around too? We all know the experience of having odds and ends left over in the fridge or the kitchen cupboard, wondering what we could possibly do with it all. Thanks to sites such as supercook.com you can actually input what ingredients you have, and it will come up with a range of meals which you could cook with them. This is a real life-saver, especially when you are conscious of not wasting food.

Print Out Postage Stamps
We’ve all been there. You’re rushing to mail that important letter, but it’s a busy day and you are pushed for time. Either the post office is closed or you just don’t have the time to wait in line just to buy some stamps. Fortunately, you don’t actually have to. Thanks to the Internet, you can now actually buy stamps online and print them at home. If you are wondering how you can do it, it is actually relatively simple. All you need to do is visit a reputable website for buying stamps, and you can easily print them onto any paper. Just make sure that you are using a certified service which is actually working in partnership with the United States Postal Service, otherwise you could be breaking the law.

Find Your Ring Size
If you are like most people, you find that your ring size can change a surprising amount over the course of a week or month. It can be hard knowing what yours is, but the Web can help. Impossible as it might seem, you can actually use a service like findmyringsize.com and discover exactly what your size is just by using your computer. What’s more, it has been shown to be extremely accurate. This could be the perfect tool for that last-minute engagement ring!

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