Five Ways To Have A More Productive Day

Friday, July 21, 2017

We are always wishing for more hours in a day. With busy lives that are full of juggling and stretching ourselves in many directions, it’s hard to accomplish everything in a day and feel satisfied that you did it well.

What if it’s not about the amount of time you have but more about how wisely you use the allotted amount of time that you have available to you? I’ve been actively fine-tuning how I use my time throughout the days to accomplish more and have more time to spend doing what I enjoy rather than laboring over the tasks I dread.

Here are 5 ways I set myself up to have a productive day.

1. Wake Early
Waking early sets the tone for the entire day. You’ll feel as if you’ve been given the gift of a few extra hours. When you wake early, your day is longer. There’s something oddly satisfying about waking up before everyone in the house. I like to head downstairs to the kitchen and pop a K-Cup of MAX by MAXWELL HOUSE into my Keurig. MAX by MAXWELL HOUSE isn’t your ordinary cup of coffee. It has more than the normal amount of caffeine as traditional coffees and gives me the boost I need to kick start my day.

MAX by MAXWELL HOUSE has an extra dose of natural caffeine for those times when you need an extra boost. With three caffeine options to choose from (1.25x, 1.50x, and 1.75x more caffeine), you have the flexibility to customize your perfect cup of coffee.


You can find all three varieties at your local Walmart at an unbeatable price.


2. Immediately Accomplish a Task
Before you do anything else, set out to accomplish one, small task. For me it’s usually means tackling the small but dreaded, menial but necessary tasks such as making the bed, folding and putting away a load of laundry, and emptying the dishwasher. Doing so makes me feel a small but significant sense of accomplish that puts me on track to accomplish larger, more complex tasks throughout the day.


3. Make a List
I am a girl of a hundred lists. In order to function and be productive, I absolutely must adhere to some sort of list. Every morning I like to sit down at my kitchen island with my cup of MAX by MAXWELL HOUSE to put together my lists for the day. Anything from to-do lists, grocery lists, wishlists, and more get written that morning, and once I’ve had my coffee to make me my best self, I immediately start executing the list.

If I have a particularly busy day, I opt for the MAX with a higher amount of caffeine. For days where I know I’ll have more time to relax and unwind, I love that I have the option to keep the caffeine to a minimum.


4. Take a Break to Reassess and Recharge
You can’t go full speed ahead all day long. There’s always a point in the day where I start to drag. It’s usually around 2 pm. When I start to feel sluggish, I step away from what I am doing and take a break. I make a cup of coffee and assess where I am in my day. I review my to-do list to see how I am progressing and how I can tweak it to stay on task.

At this point in my day, the three options for caffeine customization in the MAX by Maxwell House really come in handy. Depending on how much sleep I was able to get the night before, how busy or idle I’ve been throughout the day, and generally how energized I feel (the foods I’ve eaten have a big impact on my energy levels). I grab the MAX K-Cup that I need to most and within 2 minutes, I have the ideal cup of coffee to put me at my best performance and power me through the rest of my work day.

5. Prepare the Night Before
I am a big believer that preparing whatever you can the night before goes a long way to ensuring a smooth morning. Pick out your clothes, pack your gym bag or work bag so that you aren’t scurrying the next morning to get everything completed within a very small time frame. Put your MAX by Maxwell House K-Cup in the Keurig machine and place your mug on the machine so that you simply have to press a button the following morning.

It’s ridiculously difficult to enjoy your morning coffee when you are hurrying around the house trying collect your belongings while taking quick sips that you hardly taste or enjoy.

Do you have any tips that help to make your day more productive? Do you start each day with a cup of coffee to help ignite you and make you your best self ever?

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