How I Make The Most of My Kitchen Space

Tuesday, July 18, 2017
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I don't have a sprawling kitchen. At the same time, it's not a small, cramped space either. But there are definitely times when I feel I could use some additional space whether it's for meal prep or for storage. When everything is in it's place, I feel as though I effortlessly execute meals. On the flip side, a few things out of place causes me to stress, and that's when things don't go as planned.
Since the kitchen is the hub of the household, it's important to get the design and aesthetics right the first time around.
The Layout
Some people spend months planning the layout of their kitchen. By layout, I don't necessarily mean the design of it from an architect's perspective but rather how you, as the homeowner, have laid out what you have and use on a daily basis. The things you need and use the most should be placed next to one another. For example, if you make tea on a daily basis, take your best tea kettle and place everything that you need to make a cup of tea around this piece of equipment. The same goes for dishwashing. Have the towels to dry your cutlery and plates close to the sink. Otherwise, it’s more work going back and forth to get everything you need. Over time as you use your kitchen, the placement of objects and appliances naturally comes to together without much though at all.

The Appliances
What you have in your kitchen depends on how much you cook - and what you use to get it all done. You should be able to know which devices you need to get the job done and which ones have been left untouched over the years. If you haven’t gone near something in at least a few years, or can’t remember the last time that you did, do yourself a favor and donate it to someone who can make valuable use of it. Upon first glance we don't often see it, but there is so much room taken up unnecessarily in kitchens which could be better utilized as a workspace.

The Decorations
When you’re in your kitchen, you need to think practically and efficiently. While it’s nice to imagine that you are going to have a sparkling white kitchen, this isn’t often the reality. In terms of paint, you will need something that is wipeable and can withstand repeated scrubbing. Floors should be able to be easily mopped to get up any spills and leaks that are so common within kitchens. Throw rugs should be kept to a minimum as they become very dirty very quickly. Any other decorative additions to your counter space are up to you. Be careful not to clutter counters and put anything too delicate in as decoration. When you are cooking, a lot of the grease mists into the air and lands on decorative pieces and furniture near to where you have prepared the food. A quick wipe tends to solve this, but leave it for a while and it can become a difficult task to remove the grease build up.

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