How To Childproof Your Kitchen

Monday, July 3, 2017
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Kitchen injuries are some of the most common household injuries. They are also the most preventable. No parent wants to take their child to the hospital because they’ve suffered an injury in the kitchen. There are steps to take to avoid kitchen injuries and safety tips to keep in mind when your children are in the kitchen with you. The basic rule of thumb is to keep anything dangerous out of the way.
Put locks on cupboards that contain cleaning products or toxic sprays
The last thing you need is for your child to get their hands on a bottle of bleach or bug spray. They could hurt themselves by just opening the top and pouring the solution on their skin. Purchase and properly install cupboard locks. The plastic cupboard locks are relatively inexpensive if you are working with a small budget. There are metal devices you can buy that are a little more expensive. However, the plastic locks available only cost around $5 each and will secure the doors so your child can’t get inside.

Always turn your oven off
Kids love to play with knobs and dials. So, there is a good chance your child will mess around with the oven in your kitchen. That is especially the case if you cook with your children from time to time. In some instances, they may accidentally turn the gas on and place your entire household at risk. You can stop that from happening by switching your oven off at the wall. That works well for devices powered by electricity. People with gas cookers should invest in a gauge that can cut the supply. Turn it off whenever you aren’t using the device. That way, your kids can turn the dials as much as they like because nothing will happen.

Store all your knives in specially-designed holder
Children and knives never mix well. For that reason, you need to keep all the sharp objects in your kitchen out of sight. Thankfully, there are lots of products available for storing your knives. The best option is to get a block-style display unit. You can then place it right on the back of your surfaces so your kids can’t reach. Most young people certainly respect their parent’s rules. So, you have to make it clear to them that you are not going to be happy if they touch your knives.

These tips should go a long way to decreasing the chances of your child spending time in the hospital this summer. Kids suffer enough cuts and scrapes from everyday summer play. You don't need a kitchen injury in addition.

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