Fun Outdoor Summer Party Ideas For Kids

Sunday, July 16, 2017
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Everybody loves a good summer party, and if your child is lucky enough to be born in the summer, you havw the ideal situation for an outdoor party. Although intended to be a good time with family and friends with great food and lovely gifts, planning and executing birthday parties can be stressful. Particularly for the parent who is responsible for throwing the party as well as making sure all of the guests are safe and entertained.

The more you prepare for the party, the less stress you’ll experience. Here are a few ideas for throwing the perfect outdoor party and feeling confident about it enough to relax with the other parents.

The Splash Party
When you want to hold the birthday party outside, it’s only your imagination limiting you. Decide on a suitable theme to go with the activities. Remember to send out the invitations a few weeks in advance to ensure guests have plenty of time to prepare. For those who ask, point out a few of the gifts you’d like your child to receive. Have a look at for some excellent tips that are certain to put a smile on a young child's face.

Take advantage of the great weather and cool down with a fun splash party. Your kid is going to love it. The whole point is to have fun with water, so pull out any water toys you have or just everything that’s water-related; the garden hose is also invited.

If you already have a slip-n-slide laying around, you totally need this one as well or consider buying one for the occasion.

The Color Run
You can host the most amazing color run your neighborhood has ever seen and that your child's friends won’t stop talking about. Just whip up some colored powder and make sure to let people know on the invitations. You don’t want them to show up in their nicest outfits for this one, and it’s a good idea to tell them to come in white so that the color shows. Check out to make your own homemade non-toxic powder.

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Dedicate a bag of powder to each guest and let them go wild in your yard. It's not necessary to have a ton of space for running. Wherever you host this kind of party, make sure it’s a place suitable for a lot of color being splashed around. Your backyard or a sports field is a good choice - and decorate it by using the same color mix, if you like.

It doesn’t have to be about throwing powder at each other, but prepared for this to happen. Encourage them to be artistic with the colors and provide them with paint and blank paper, keep a competition for the best piece of art and serve colorful food. The opportunities are endless.

Throwing a birthday party outside means that it can be somewhat messy and loud - at least more so than if it was held in your living room. Make sure you don’t throw it too late as you want to take advantage of the sun, as well as making sure nobody gets cranky and tired and that you're not bothering your neighbors' peacefulness.

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